Testimonies and Sermon Videos

Testimonies from FCF

Video and Textual testimony to the power and grace of God.

The Miracle of Prayer

Caroline Fletcher shares the miracle of how prayer saved the lives of two of her children. 

Easter Salvation

Jan Lacey shares her testimony of how she was brought into God's Family by an Easter card. 

Hiding your Light

Pastor Stephen demonstrates what happens when we hide our light.

Pastor Stephen Testimony

Pastor Stephen shares his testimony.

Recent Sermons from FCF

Inspirational Videos declaring the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Being A Philippian

The Philippians are a great example to the church.

Being A Prayer

Lindsey Mann teaches the ascepts of being a praying believer.

Reading The Bible Differently

God wants us to know and appreciete the conditions to every promise, so we can hold on to them.

Joy for The Believer

God wants us to experience His joy in our lives.

Rest For The Believer

God has a rest for His people and we need to know how to receive it.